DJ Mark Devlin atgriežas ar vieslekciju Ritma Institūtā 14.septembrī!2012-09-10


Mark Devlin is a long-standing British club/ radio DJ and music journalist. Specialising in hip-hop, soul, R&B and reggae, he has played in over 40 countries, including several times in Latvia.

As a lifelong music fan, in recent years, he became perplexed at how music was clearly changing for the worse, and by various other questions such as:

* Why do only certain individuals ever seem to 'make it', while other, far more talented music makers never get exposure?

* Why are certain symbols and images being routinely placed in music videos and live shows, and what is their intention?

* Why do only songs with certain lyrical content ever get played on radio and TV, while music with any kind of positive, empowering message is left unheard?

* Why have so many artists in the hip hop/ R&B genre died in mysterious circumstances since 2Pac in 1996?

In this thought-provoking and controversial presentation, he will be putting the pieces together to reveal how the music game, (or at least the very upper levels of the U.S business), is ultimately controlled by a network of occult secret societies who have infiltrated mainstream music as a means of social conditioning and mind control, and how this fits in to a much wider global agenda.

Don't miss this fascinating and challenging insight into the truth behind the illusion.

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