DJ Le_Sang

DJ Le_Sang

 Le_Sang picked up with house music only in  2000  and began to approach to it. In this year I  began to play at school discotheques, later also in other activities, but at the beginning they were popsy  pieces

which were collected through various music charts. At the end of 2003 I realized that I have to focus on  Dj'ing seriously, therefore I decided to  go to the dj courses,choosing 
one of the best dj schools in Riga "Favourite Location Dj school". During the  study time, I met with many new 
and interesting people who helped me to develop slowly, especially grateful I am to my  teacher, DJ Caffe,
who trained me. After  courses I started playing in various entertainment venues in Old Riga, such as Club Depo
Zup Zup Lounge, "Colonel, "Pulkvedim neviens neraksta..." and even many private events.

Music which I play mostly is soulfull house,disco house, funky house and so on.It is difficult to name the real style I play, but I think that it is not important what are you playing, but how you are doing it and how you are entertainig the audience!



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