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Аренда DJ / Микшерных пультов

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Aренда DJ микшера Pioneer DJM-800

Aренда DJ микшера Pioneer DJM-800Profesional mixer. 4 chanels, 13 effects
Cena: 15,- EUR (noma diennaktī)

Aренда Sinn7 Rox.6 USB Pro Studio mixer

Aренда Sinn7 Rox.6 USB Pro Studio mixerSound mixer, compact design, 2+4 chanels, tape in, USB sound interface
Cena: 7,- EUR (noma diennaktī)

Yamaha MG82cx mixer аренда

Yamaha MG82cx mixer арендаYamaha MG82CX 8 Input Stereo Mixer with Digital Effects
Cena: 7,- EUR (noma diennaktī)

Sound mixer Soundcraft spirit folio F1 rental

Sound mixer Soundcraft spirit folio F1 rental8 mic + 2 stereo. Phantom power
Cena: 15,- EUR (noma diennaktī)

Aренда DJ микшера Pioneer DJM-2000

Aренда DJ микшера Pioneer DJM-2000Profesional mixer. 4 chanels
Cena: 50,- EUR (noma diennaktī)

Pioneer S9

Pioneer S9Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 Battle Mixer MAGVEL FADER PRO Pioneer’s durable magnetic crossfader delivers a smooth response Customizable FX Buttons Filter FX. Rotate the dial to add a high/low pass filter to FX on each channel, or use Serato DJ to switch to other filter FX like DUB Echo, Noise and Pitch. Style Levers. Quickly turn effects on and off using the 2 large Style Levers. Trigger FX briefly, lock them on, or exit arrangements quickly. 2 Built-In USB Soundcards
Cena: 40, - EUR (noma diennaktī)

Аренда Rane 62

Аренда Rane 62The Sixty-Two is the ultimate plug-and-play package supporting two-deck digital vinyl simulation, software controls, two USB ports for easy DJ transitions, onboard beat effects, software effects insert and all the record and playback channels you need.
Cena: 40, - EUR (noma diennaktī)

Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2 (rent)

Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2 (rent) 
Cena: 45, - EUR (cena diennaktī)

IMG Stage Line MMX-44 rent

IMG Stage Line MMX-44 rent  8 kanālu pults. 

8-channel audio mixer, with 12 inputs. 
4 mono input channels, each with gain control, 
3-way equalizer, low cut and pan pot 
4 stereo input channels, each with balance control 
Adjustable aux send output
Control room function 
Tape record/play connections 
+48 V phantom power, can be switched centrally 
Adjustable headphone output 
Stereo LED level display 
Power is provided via enclosed power supply
Cena: 10,- EUR (noma diennaktī)

Allen & Heath ZED6 rent

Allen & Heath ZED6 rent  6 kanālu mikserpults Allen & Heath ZED 6 piemērota jebkura veida pasākumiem, mikrofonu un instrumentu pieslēgšanai.

6-Channel Mixer 
2 Mic/Line Inputs 
2 Dual Stereo Inputs 
Hi-Pass Filter 
2 Band EQ 
60 mm Faders 
XLR Main Output 
8 LED Signal display 
48 V Phantom power 
Headphone connector 
Dimensions (H x W x D): 89 x 249 x 237 mm 
Weight: 1.5 kg
Cena: 10,- EUR (noma diennaktī)



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