DJ Steezy

Genres: Moombahton/ Moombahcore/ Dubstep/ Drum'n'Bass/ Hip-Hop/ Ghetto Funk/ Nu Disco/ Reggae

When it comes to music, I have two tastes, that's also the main reason why I cover so many genres.

The first taste is the energetic one, creating a rave by playing some heavy Moombahcore/ Dubstep and Drum'n'Bass. #PLUR

The second is the chill to dance, by playing Ghetto Funk/ Hip-Hop/ Reggae/Moombahton/Nu Disco and Jungle.

For me DJ'ing is all about mixing the old with the new, creating an endless party and spreading positive vibes. As a DJ it's up to me to create the emotions, the energy you'll take with you and spread to others. As music fuels me, it will fuel you too.

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