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ADJ Starburst noma

ADJ Starburst nomaTeicamas kvalitātes un plaša spektra LED gaismu bumba. 

Possibly the most futuristic of the new Startec Series effects, the Starburst is a rotating “futuristic Mirrorball” fixture that sends out incredibly concise beams of colored lighting that create a moving array of super-effective ‘stars’ when projected onto walls, ceilings and floors. This ‘night-sky’ effect is enhanced by the unit’s powerful 50W source, which consists of five 15W six-color (RGBAW+ PURPLE) LEDs and generates highly powerful beams of light in a wide pallet of colors.

Furthermore, the Starburst’s tight beam angle helps the shafts of light cut through darkness and fog to offer a futuristic, far-reaching effect that will transform any small-medium sized venue.

Using Sound Active mode, the Starburst’s effects will bounce and rotate in time with the music, for eye-catching, synchronized results. Or, using DMX-Controlled mode, users can go more in-depth with their programing; controlling color, rotation speed and strobing to mesmerize audiences with a varied and exciting display.

Cena: 25 EUR diennaktī
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