Emyl Vegner

Emyl Vegner

Emyl Vegner or in real name Emils Vegners was born in 1990, at his hometown Riga, Latvia. At the age of 12 he started to listen electronic music. His first impressions of it were from listening the DJ duo - Daft Punk, which were, are, and will be his favorite artists of all time.

Emyl Vegner started as a producer in October 2007, by simply using a music producing software. He was tinkering with it, and inspired by electronic music he wanted to create something of his own. A few weeks later, with a little help of his friends he managed to create his first song - "Dark House".

Later on, one day, when listening to trance radio, he heard a DJ saying a quote from Daniel Kandi: "The biggest risk in life is not taking one." Inspired by this quote Emyl Vegner thought, that he could raise the bar a little higher. He started to attend DJ lessons in a school called Ritma Instituts (Institute of Rhythm). After a more than half a year of learning, training and practicing, Emyl Vegner graduated this school in October 2008. As a DJ Emyl Vegner wants to make people let their emotions, whether they're good or bad, express in a way of dance.

As for now, Emyl Vegner is working on his songs and his talent, and waiting for opportunities that life has to offer.

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