Radio DJ

The course is worked out for those willing their voice to be heard in media through radio broadcast.
Theoretical knowledge:

History of music radio
The difference between European and American radio school
Radio adjustment to the rhythm of contemporary lives
Radio DJ contribution in the music business
The possibilities of DJ to influence the processes of music business
Radio types and formats. Review of world’s most popular radio formats and the characteristics of DJ job in each of it.

Radio technologies:

Internet Radio and Pod - Casting opportunities. Fundamentals of popular music history.
Music history, emphasize on the most impressive albums and songs of last years.
History and development of Latvian Radio stations
Review of 13 years of Latvian Radio business development
Deference between Latvian auditory and the auditory of leading countries
Song rotation

Creation of radio personality
Different approaches to find his listeners
Radio show design
Radio Jingle and rubric work out, song selection
How to make your programme different
Interaction with audience
Golden rules – what is allowed and forbidden to say in the broadcast
Speed of reaction
How to respond in unexpected situations

Technical performance:
Work with panel
Acknowledgement with main radio DJ working tools
Types of computer softwares and their use
Softwares for radio and their potential
Work with microphone
DJ tricks
Professional tricks to overperform others
Illusion creation, falsification of live broadcast
Implementation of every idea

Equipment: provided by Rhythm Institute
Classes: 6-10 students
Length of lessons: 8 lessons per month (2x45 min/ per week)
Length of the courses: basic courses – 56 academic hours (4 to 8 months)

Kursa maksa: 79 Ls (112,18 EUR) / mēn. (pilns kurss - 632 ls (897,44 EUR)

*studentiem (uzrādot derīgu ISIC karti) atlaide 10% apmērā. Veicot pilnu apmaksu atlaide 10% apmērā.


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