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Is it possible to acquire any of offered programmes through private lessons?

Please, contact the administration of Rhythm Institute through email:

Does Rhythm Institute provide for job after the completion of programme?

Rhythm Institute does not provide for job after the completion of a programme. For example, in DJing programme students are taught to do mixtape, how to show their strongest qualities, how to prepare for a set in the club etc. It depends on the student himself how the acquired knowledge is to be used. Best students of Rhythm Institute are offered (according to the situation) to obtain practical experience outside institute rooms, for example, in clubs, festivals and other events. So far, students have performed in various events - see EVENT section.

I don’t live in Riga(or Latvia). Is it possible to study in Rhythm Institute?

Some classes are taught on weekends, thus there are about 30% of students coming outside Riga. It is intended to make classes in other cities besides Riga as well.

For abroad students we recommend to visit workshops as well as take intensive courses. Our stuff will help you with accomodation as well. Please feel free to contact us: info@ritmainstituts.lv or tel.: +37126111011 (10:00 - 20:00 working days including saturday).

Is Rhythm Institute an official educational institution?

Rhythm Institute is a private music school which is registered in the Ministry of Education and functions in accordance with the legislation of Republic of Latvia. In the end of the semester each student gets a programme completion certificate, which proves the completion of officially recognized programme.

When I am admitted to the programme do I have to pay for the whole course or I can do monthly payments? What is the course fee? Are there any fee reductions?

Payments are getting done in the beginning of each month before the first lection. In case the student wishes to pay for the whole course, he/she is given a price reduction. Study fee is 55 Ls per 10 lections (one month), full course 330 Ls (6 months).

How much will I know during the course?

It depends on the programme. Similarly to playing music instrument, the progress of each student is dependant on his/her talent and the work done. After the course, students will have a conceptual understanding of new skills and the opportunities to exercise these skills.

How many students are in one class

It depends on the specific features of the programme: in average – from 6 to 12 students.

What if I miss one lesson?

Each next lesson begins with the revision of material discussed on the previous lesson, moreover, it is possible to have individual consultation with a lecturer.

Who are the lecturers of Rhythm Institut

Lecturers of Rhythm Institute are professionals with big experience, knowledge and recognition in Latvia. For more information see the section RI TEAM or in the description of a particular programme.

Apart of lessons, is there any time devoted to practice?

One of the extras offered by the institute is an equipped training centre, where the students of RI can practice at a discount price. Training centre offers the most modern equipment. For more information, see the section TRAINING CENTER.

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