DJ Ai-Va

The lecturer of CD DJ programme. DJ Ai_Va has been djing since 1991. One of the co-founders of the very first hip hop parties in J&B club in Riga as well as one of the leaders of the hip hop movement in Latvia. Has been organising many hip hop events such as Hip Hop Fest LV (2001-2005 so far), tours all over Latvia for local hip hop acts, first ever in Latvia Hip Hop and Extreme Sports Awards (check:, warm up for: Slum Village, Onyx, Guru, G-Unit, DJ Cash Money, and for many local hiphop live acts. Has also played numerous sets in popular Latvia’s night clubs, bars and parties (Nautilus, Fashion Club, Pulkvedis, Grands, Multiklubs, Tonuss, etc). Currently a resident in Latvia’s biggest and the most popular night club: „Essential” ( Plays hip hop, r`n`b, funk, soul, breakbeats, etc.

Since 2000, DJ Ai_Va has been managing and promoting various Latvian hip hop artists (such as Ozols and Gacho), producing weekly hip hop radio show (Radio Naba), managing the only hip hop label in Latvia (Riga Records) which has so far released 14 albums. Recently has opened a music school (Rhythm Institute) where young people from all over Latvia can learn how to become cd, vinyl or radio DJ, music producer, etc.
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